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Project Log:  Saturday, January 11, 2014

With the bulk of the exterior paint work done (excepting the cockpit), and the interior and systems work mostly complete, it'd be logical for one to think the project was nearly complete.  However, there was still a significant project list ahead: no rest for the wicked.

  • Rebuild the propane locker in the cockpit, and build new enclosed storage lockers and seating areas to replace the original, open versions; build new lid for lazarette locker (after steering room).  Paint cockpit area when structural work complete.
  • Complete propane installation
  • Fill and bleed the steering system
  • Complete engine fuel system
  • Complete engine cooling system
  • Build battery boxes; purchase and install batteries
  • Build out, as necessary, the head/shower compartment and install head and associated plumbing
  • Design and have fabricated stern boarding ladder
  • Design and have fabricated mainmast tabernacle
  • Re-rig main and mizzen masts; install new hardware and wiring, etc.
  • Refinish bracket and install radome and bracket
  • Install ports, deadlights, windows, and hatches
  • Install pilothouse door
  • Install cabin sole
  • Build shelving and locker doors for starboard storage locker
  • Install lighting fixtures and other electrical fixtures
  • Build and install overhead trim in main cabin and forward cabin; trim overhead hatches
  • Install bilge pumps
  • Test-fire engine and test all systems
  • Varnish and install teak bulwark strips; complete varnish after installation
  • Varnish caprails and rubrails
  • Mill, install, and varnish handrails
  • Install ventilators
  • Install engine room vents
  • Install fuel and water tank fills, vents, and plumbing
  • Rebuild and install Ideal windlass
  • Install deck hardware
  • Subcontract new lifelines
  • Install sound insulation on engine room access panels (pilothouse sole) and other areas as needed
  • ?????

Total Time Today: NA

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